Thursday, October 01, 2009

WTF??? Penske Supposed To Save What???

I know this is supposed to be a NASCAR website, but me feels I need to rant about this. All right, here's what I think about Penske backing out of the deal with Saturn.

Roger Penske is a fucking great business man and an awesome owner of some of the greatest race teams in all types of racing, but what the fuck are people bitchin about him not saving a sinking ship. To my understanding, GM was supposed to make the cars and Roger was supposed to raise the wreckage. I have heard "some" peoples opinions that it is Roger's fault now that people are losing their jobs at the plant. WTF??? How about blaming the idiots at GM for that fubbared event.

Roger is simply a man that builds race cars and has multiple SUCCESSFUL businesses. To think he was trying to be the savior for that falling company is simply idiotic. I can't say as I blame him for blowing off the deal. Was he and his race teams going to manufacture those cars??? I don't think so, I'd jump ship too if that was put in front of me.

I guess the executives (LOL) at GM think that a truly reliable car isn't worth making anymore. It seems like lets bring back ONE car and that will make us more money than a whole line of RELIABLE cars!!! Stupid fuckers, and the "Captain" gets shit for it!!! I really think these pen pushing, overpaid, my shit don't stink, dumbfuck execs could take a lesson from NASCAR and IRL team owners. These owners have built truly safe race cars from nothing more than a bunch of channel, tubing, and sheetmetal and most of them still wear jeans and regular shirts to work. My point is this, the execs are truly fuckin stupid thinking nothing more than profit. So they bring back the Camaro as a quick fix for a long term problem. Dumb asses!!!


Cheyenne said...

I agree with what you said 100%. Yes they are a bunch of dumbasses for sure.

Vroom said...

Hello Dawg...I'm back vrooming!

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