Monday, September 28, 2009

Damn Whatta Ride!!!

Ahhh who fucking cares, Jimmie "Vanilla Nice" won yet again during another Chase??? Did Joey Lagano get the ride of his life or what??? Just goes to show that the new cars bring boring races, but they sure are safe. Madd props to the JGR fab shop and all the men and women that build those cars. Something tells me "Smoke" ought to take ALL that crew and driver out to Burger King for a WHopper, cause that was a "Whopper" of a ride.
Madd props to Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth, Juan Pablo, Rubberhead, Gordo, A.J. "The Dinger" Allmendinger, Bud Boy Kasey, Smoke, and Flyin Ryan Newman for their top ten finishes!!!
Damn!!! WTF has happened to the 88, did it replace the R&D team of the 25??? Junebug, I'd start looking for a driving school and a new team!!! You are much better than you have been running ALL year. Oh well, there is always next year!!!

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