Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flipper Flopped!!!

Since everyone knows about Carl Edwards and his "Frisbee Fuck up", it was no surprise when Carl won last nights Nationwide race he just shook Jack Roush's hand instead of his famous backflip. Now don't get me tooo wrong, but I'd love to see him miss and bust his ass. Why??? Well just because as long as he didn't get hurt, I'm just that way. In neeed of a sick joke...LOL LOL LOL!!!
Anyhooo, madd ass props to Carl and his team for a great effort. Think about it, mash the pedal for a shitload of laps and your foot is busted. That is something to talk about whether you like him or not. That is the definition of "No pain No gain!!!". Gots to give him the "Atta Boy Award"!!!

Sorry to the few of you that still check my blog. My wife and family has been through the wringer this last 12 months. I have had no desire to write or even give a shit about my blog. Things are starting to rock the house again and so is my demeaner. Reader's Digest version for those who give a shit: Gramma passed (99 1/2 years old and my BEST friend, not to mention the mother I NEVER had), business slid to a stand still, so I sold it, Wife has been ill with pancreas probs, and we moved back to my home state and GREATEST state of all New York. Wife is getting better, kids are kickin ass in school, I am back to work operating heavy equipment instead of changing the tires on them, and well my Dad and step-MOM have shown me what life has to offer again. THEY KICK fuckin ASS!!!

So all I can say is this, when you think life has kicked you so hard in the lugnuts you don't even give a shit anymore. Stop, look, and think. There are people and things in this life that have it worse than you and be greatful for what you do have even if you don't realize it and it is right underneath your nose.

Watch out world, Dawg is back and you are sooo gonna know it!!!


Cheyenne said...

One door closes, another one opens...welcome back to the Great White North.
It's great to know that all is going well or at least getting there. I was really worried about you and the family. Take care.

Anonymous said...

wow haven't been on your blog in a while. Like you my life has been in whirlwind for a while. just when you think it couldn't get worse it did. I decided (for some reason) when I woke up that "Today is the first day of the rest of my Life" old statement but it just popped in my head. Here it is lunch & I was starting go backwards and feel sorry for myself. For some reason I'm here and you post has really helped. Thanks. PS can you help Jr. this way next year? Thanks.