Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally I Post!!!

Since last weeks win by Shrubs there had been a lot of happenings. First lets say madd ass props to Jimmie Johnson "Mr. Vanilla Nice (with a beard)" and the Blowes Chevy team. What a race Sunday and whatta move put on the "Dimwit Hamster". Awesome job boys on your well deserved win. The other top ten were as follows: Dimwit 2nd, Smoke, Papa G, Clint "Cheesy Mac" Bowyer, Flyin Ryan Newman, Mark "Sr. Citizen" Martin, Junebug, A.J. "Fuck You ALL I can Drive' Allmendinger, and Jamie Mac. The Oh Shit Whatta Dumb Fuck Award goes to... keep reading!!!

Yesterday's truck race was a typical truck race without the typical finish. Kyle Busch dominated the race and then a STUPID miscalculation on Kyle's part messed up his whole day. After getting "nudged" outta the way by Happy Harvick Kyle's left rear quarter was a little fubarred. So Kyle on the back strecth tried to "fix" it by slapping the inside wall to bang out the metal away from the tire. What Shrubs didn't think of was the commitment line for the pits. NASCAR said you crossed it and didn't come in, so pass and go penalty. Thus LOSING the race and basically ruining his whole day. More on this in a moment, the rest of the top ten are: Ron Hornaday Jr., Mike (Thank God his name isn't Dick) Skinner, Johnny B., Rick Crawford, Stacy Compton, Dennis Setzer, Brian Scott, Matt Crafton and one of my faves Kenny Schrader rounding out the top ten.

The "Oh Shit Whatta Dumb Fuck Award" goes to...(drum roll)...Kyle Busch. He gets the award this week for his little childish temper tantrum he threw after the truck race. He threw his helmet and Hans device on the back of his truck and "ran like a little bitch" down pit road to get the hell outta Dodge after the race. He recieves this distinct award for his once again childish antics. Kyle, I love ya homey, but you gotta grow the fuck up. YOU made the decision to try and "fix" your quarter, you are the one who wasn't paying attention to where the commitment line was, so why did you act like a young child when the race was over??? As far as how it got messed up (the quarter panel) Harvick did the very same thing you would have done in that position, so WTF???!!! Look in the mirror and then cast blame. Don't take it out on anyone but yo self "Homeboy".
Next week it is Texas. Maybe June can shake that monkey off his back with a win where he got his very first at.

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